Presidential Search Committee Agenda – November 20, 2012

Published: October 26th, 2012

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University of Florida Presidential Search Committee
Telephone Conference Call Meeting/Meeting

November 20, 2012, 12:00 p.m. ET
Location for Attendance: 123 Tigert Hall
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Committee Members:

C. David Brown, II (Chair), Marshall Criser, IIICharles EdwardsMichael HeekinCarolyn RobertsJuliet RoulhacCarlos AlfonsoCammy AbernathyPaul D’AnieriBen DunnDavid GuzickHarry KleeKeith KoenigDavid KratzerDianna MorganDanita NiasDavid NortonScott NygrenAva ParkerJack PayneBrian RayLynda TealerTJ Villamil

1.0   Call to Order and Verification of a Quorum

2.0   Approval of Minutes from the August 28, 2012 Meeting

3.0   Updates

  • Dianna Morgan, Chair of the Subcommittee on Marketing and Communications, will give an update on outreach in the search and media coverage.
  • Search Consultant, Jan Greenwood, will give an update on progress to stay ahead of the many other presidential searches underway.
  • Campus Interview Subcommittee Chair, Scott Nygren, and Search Consultant, Jan Greenwood, will give an overview of the campus interview process and plans.
    • Faculty Forum and Open Forum  (Scott Nygren)
    • Themes for the Campus Visit (Scott Nygren)
    • Gainesville and Campus Visits Process (Jan Greenwood, Scott Nygren)

4.0   Presentation of Reports on Stakeholder-Suggested Questions Tied to Search Criteria, and Process For Development of Questions 

(Also please review the attached approved search criteria.)

Preparing Questions for Campus Visits

  • With over 20 institutions searching for presidents, about 10 of which are expected to be competing with UF for potential candidates, UF would be well-served to be ready to begin the campus interview process as soon as we have a pool of qualified candidates.  We do not yet know when that will be, but seek to be prepared, whether that time comes sooner or later.
  • The Search Chair, Faculty Senate, and Student Affairs and Student Government reached out to a broad range of stakeholders (faculty, student, staff, alumni, donors, community and business leaders and others) to request their suggested questions tied to the Search Committee and Board-approved search criteria.

A Full Report on the response to Outreach on Questions, compiled by Jodi Gentry of UF Human Resource Services, and a Supplement Report were distributed to all Search Committee members on November 11th.

  • The Full Report contains all suggested questions received from stakeholders, as well as the top 10 themes (subjects, concerns and interests) that emerged from this stakeholder outreach, and the search criteria that are relevant to those themes.
  • The Supplement Report includes a listing of the themes that emerged from the outreach, the related search criteria, and recommended “composite” questions under each theme.
  • There will be a brief presentation and discussion of the 10 themes.

Search Committee members will be asked to discuss the Reports, review them further, and send to Melissa Orth their thoughts on questions (their own and/or questions developed from stakeholder input reflected in the Supplement Report or Full Report), tied to the approved search criteria, for use by the Search Committee in its interviews of candidates.  (The due date will be discussed at the meeting.)  The Search Committee will then have an opportunity to finalize its questions.

5.0   Any Discussion or New Business

6.0   Search Chair’s Closing Remarks, including an update

7.0   Adjourn

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